A local DEF CON group (DCG) is part of “a global community of hackers, thinkers, makers
and others bent on being part of the elegant chaos they want to see in the world”
(--The Dark Tangent)

The DEF CON Philly group

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The mission of the DC215 group is to advance knowledge and educate anyone interested in science, technology, and other areas of information security through project collaborations, group gatherings, and group activities that will best serve our community and the world.


  • What is DC215?
  • DC215 is a DEF CON group focused on community, education, mentoring and bringing the hacker and InfoSec community in the Philadelphia area together. It is a gathering that will feature presentations, workshops, CTFs, and anything else in which the community is interested. The group is community-driven, and allows its members to be active so they can learn or teach about a subject they are passionate about. DC215 also supports the already-existing security-related and technology-focused groups, and we encourage members of all groups to collaborate and share knowledge. We are Philly InfoSec strong together!

  • What does it have to offer?
  • Touched upon in the previous bullet, DC215 will feature activities involving: web application security, wireless hacking, lockpicking, IoT hacking, CTF creation, CTF competitions, hardware hacking, BBQ, community building, mentoring, and more!

  • When and where does DC215 meet?
  • Our first gathering will take place Friday, March 23rd.


    Gathering time 6:30pm-7:30pm
    We require a free registration so we can get a head count. Stay tuned.
    An after party will follow at 8pm. A nearby restaurant/bar will be selected.

  • Why another security group?
  • DC215 isn't just another security-focused meetup in Philadelphia! Our mission, goals, and passion for DEF CON set us apart. We break and fix things, share knowledge, collaborate, mentor, and engage with local universities, other meet-up groups, as well as other DEF CON groups. We are proud to call ourselves hackers! We embrace the word, 'hacker', and represent how hackers can have a positive impact on the world by participating in DC215 activities and outreach projects.

  • Are there any rules or expectations?
  • Don't Be A Jerk!!!
    Be open to learning new skills or perfecting/teaching old ones
    Be willing to either start a project or help someone with their own

    The DCGroups FAQ

    This FAQ applies to us as well. It's worth the quick read.


    Questions? Comments? Want to get involved? Contact us!

    $ Clay, clayball AT dc215 DOT org
    $ Brian Jopling, brj424 AT dc215 DOT org
    $ Join us on Slack!
    $ Join us on IRC, Freenode.net #dc215

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